Sunday, April 30, 2006

Familia Amore

Amore Familiari... 

As I got to my place, took my backpack very fast and put inside few personal things and the cash and took off for good. Knew I got less than five minutes before the bomb under my dads bed exploded taken the whole building with it. I went down the stairway fast as I could into the parking lot, and drove away my scooter. I was tense.

When I was approximately couple of blocks away, a fucking strong blowing explosion took place inside my head that I almost got thrown onto the floor. I stopped right away, looked back and saw how the building where I used to live was falling into pieces of stoned rocks to the ground. And said in astonishment: shit! And keep on moving.

In addition, guys, I had to tell you the bad story in how I found out about my dads carrier. That day before I break into my dad’s apartment, I was at school, a weird school connected or linked next to a clinic or a county hospital. Seems like the owners of both buildings are the same, and they try to teach us in high school matters concerning the medical “new” discoveries. Anyway I never care about that, I was sixteen and at the end of my tenth grade, I just don’t give a fuck for who the fuck rules or wants to rule this ugly motherfucker system of shitheads. So I saw myself that day inside one of these buildings, the medical one, I got in slowly, without a particular reason. I opened this double panel hospital door and saw this familiar faces of some of those “supposed friends” of my dad. They recognized me and didn’t stop me from coming in. They had this suspicious funny smile in their faces. Five or six guys and some nurses leaving a surgical or a research room. What I found inside that building was a bunch of weird stuff inside many of the rooms I did walk in. Like if they were in the process of doing experiments with human life. Anyway I managed getting out too very easy since nobody stop me, probably because of my dads reputation. When I got home, I have this feeling that part of me being guilty and some sort of feeling glad I made it alive out of that Frankenstein research edifice. I went straight to my dads. But this time I used his front door, because I have the codes to get inside. I got there in a hurry and full of anxiety, he was in the shower. A phone ringed inside the pocket of a jacket hanging in an old wood chair, I looked back for one mini-second uncertain of answering or not. Consequently I was already upset with the hospital situation, and had all these weird ideas spinning around my head like my dad was the director or some big shot at the hospital instead of an office accounting at some bored government building, so, I finger in fast inside the jacket searching for the mobile. Since it was one of those devices with camera at front to talk face to face, I went fast as I could to a picture my dad has of him inside the gym, put the phone facing the picture and press the green bottom…


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