Sunday, April 30, 2006

Nirvana entre las nocturnas noches

noche de Nirvana... #neo.beatrixkiddo

My dad, since he never really paid much attention to things I have, so he didn’t really mind my eccentric taste. He lived in the other half of this flat, like I told you, and our only connection was a secret pathway he built in an “invisible” corner with an electronic device on the wall to open it. I never really used it, even when my dad asked me ever since we moved here to go over for a visit or have dinner together. The reason I never went over to my dads, was that I sort of find out that he was a kind of an assassin, sort of a hit man on the contract or some big shit working for some government agency, you know. So I began to develop inside me a sort of an antipathy for him since in my search I found that his targets where mostly having innocent people involved, or people that do good stuff for others. So from the time when we moved here to this ugly building couple of years ago, I hardly see him at all.

                                               My dad is a killer
He worked for the C.I.A.
He lives inside up tide Manhattan
His job was “The Cleaner”
I killed my dad
Because he was a decease
His name was Roland, Roland Bush
He worked for the C.I.A.
His job was a “cleaner”.

One day inside my bored life, I decided to walk into my dad’s apartment in full surprise. Well the surprise was more than huge. I'm telling you. When I sneaked in through that fancy ultra secret pathway between our apartments, heard weird noises, thought my dad assumed I was never ever going to cross that pathway he built in and probably leave it with a disconnected alarm or some kind of ring that could tell him I was coming. Anyway I found him in bed naked and fucking a red haired with big tits. My dad’s body I found sort of unpleasant, with an ass and shoulders full of hair, in contrast with the fair skin the woman he was penetrating. I moved silently and fast around the place, that, I knew well, since he taught me how to when I was a little girl when we used to play this game of the hiding detectives. I was already for some reason a little suspicious of him in an unfamiliar way. When I moved around, I was at the same time listening to their noises or voices. I reached to his office, saw a lot of paper work on top of the desk and couple of chairs around it, some coffee cups, and a delivery food package on the trash can on the corner. It all seemed to me like they where working seriously on something. I roamed around all the rooms of his apartment, until I found by accident one with a sing outside standing in Greek letters, saying “do not enter”. The door was already half open, and in all my intense curiosity, I found there a bunch of guns and other aggressive devises. Saw this one that brought out my attention; a car´s bomb. I studied it and found it ready to be set, the time fixed, and a little red paper to lid it out with a sticker if you wanted to place under a car. You know I was a movie Frick and I knew all that stuff. For the way it was made, I imagined you could also placed it to the doors or whatever other surface. I saw around several other devices of similar contexture, some smaller, some bigger ones. The smaller seems where the more destructive ones. I took one of those with me, and in my way out saw daddy´s still fucking the red haired woman and a funny painting on the wall that brought my attention, the painter was from a man named Botero, and the subject on the painting where some fat religious people dressing in a funny way. The thing that caught my attention was the fact the paint was crooked to the left. I got closer to it and looked behind and found when I moved out, a safe deposit box. I look and in an instinctive reflect, I dial my birthday´s numbers, and, voila, the thing opened right open. Found inside some papers with government seals of “top secret”. I took them, and from the pile of money, I took, for an unknown and suspicious way that has to do with my hidden personality, a whole lot of it, and I ran out quick. In my way out after all, the red haired woman with big tits wave me good bye. She had glasses on; those secretaries used making them look nerdy, while my dad was still on top of her doing weird noises. I looked at her friendly, I smiled out, thought she might saw my picture at my dad´s office. I turned around from my dad´s backs in a way that the woman couldn’t see me, and I fast placed the bomb under their bed. I felt sorry a little about her, but thought in a strong way, she was as guilty as him. Then I waved good bye to the lady and disappeared. 

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