Sunday, April 30, 2006

Viviendo dentro el tubo

dentro el tubo...  #neo.beatrixkiddo

Hi, my name is Tania, Tania Arbolito. I live now in South America. Couple of years ago I used to lived up north… up tide Manhattan; in this huge one block flat my dad had on top of an old building. The floor was divided literally in two. Half of the place was where my dad lived, and I used to live in the other half. My dad wanted to build in my half a bunch of the normal stuff; you know what I mean, those fancy bathrooms, rooms and rooms, Jacuzzi, normal kitchen, etcetera. I wanted it empty, yeah literally empty, I told my dad not to build anything in it, he got a little disappointed, feeling like he was going to fulfill my dream if he did it, but it wouldn't. So I got my thirty three columns of huge concrete in a four point five meters high ceiling. From wherever position I sat, I could see only windows, big windows showing me up a big sky. So I decided to paint the columns in colors according to the angle I was standing on. Lot of clouds I did paint and blue sky. Sometimes I got bored and I did some graffiti, you know like those on the streets, not that I know how to do it, just took pictures of cool drawing in the subway and I did copy them on my walls. Sometimes I did paint lots of letters, just letters with out them being communicating to each other. Few times just black and white, plain color, it all depended of my moods. Some of the corners where I could sit in my apartment, I was able to see from that angle just one topic of my paintings, thought it was super cool. Oh another thing, I never cooked, not kitchen. Eat out or call delivery. In couple of the corners sat a toilette on the open and in an opposite side from them, a bathtub. All of my stuff was literally on the floor everyday, in sort of piles. I got my own order, to known where everything was. The place never looked as a mess though. Since my floor was so excessive huge, I could pile books in a way that they really look so fine from the distance. Paints lay against walls or columns. And some special thing like those you find on the streets or in recycling centers, I just putting in a way that give a nice decorating feeling to the place. At last I got all my electronic toys and devices all together in a spot together with the music equipment.

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